101 Libations

To celebrate a graduation, and because it's something we love to do, B & Scoot embarked on a road trip in July 2009 to go barhopping in Nebraska. We spent months preparing, but with some last minute changes plus a few towns with a lot of choices, we also made some of it up as we went. Our journey would end up taking us to 101 bars over the course of, well, 101 hours as we later realized.

Below is story of our journey. You can click each day to read the complete story, or click a bar name to jump directly to a particular location.


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The Bar List...
  1. Quackers Bar & Grill (Mound City, MO)
  2. Terri's Place Bar & Grill (Mound City, MO)
  3. Blue Moon Bar (Hamburg, IA)
  4. Wagon Wheel Bar (Nebraska City, NE)
  5. Ron's Bar & Grill (Nebraska City, NE)
  6. Paul Tavern-Kats Place (Nebraska City, NE)
  7. End Zone (Nebraska City, NE)
  8. Dinty Moore's Lunch Room (Nebraska City, NE)
  9. Brown Bottle (Union, NE)
  10. Ruli's Pour House (Nehawka, NE)
  11. Roadrunner Bar (Avoca, NE)
  12. Hopkins Tavern (Weeping Water, NE)
  13. Good Times (Louisville, NE)
  14. Get-A-Way Bar & Grill (Manley, NE)
  15. Bulldog's Bar & Grill (Murdock, NE)
  16. One Eyed Dog Saloon (Eagle, NE)
  17. The Cellar (Lincoln, NE)
  18. Tam O'Shanter Lounge (Lincoln, NE)
  19. The Keg (Lincoln, NE)
  20. Sidewinders (Lincoln, NE)
  21. The Spigot (Lincoln, NE)
  22. Harry's Wonder Bar (Lincoln, NE)
  23. Brass Rail (Lincoln, NE)
  24. Bison Witches Bar & Deli (Lincoln, NE)
  25. Merle's Food & Drink (Lincoln, NE)
  26. Lou & Mary Anne's Bar (Bee, NE)
  27. DJ's Bar & Grill (Staplehurst, NE)
  28. Spare Time Lounge (Seward, NE)
  29. RO'S (Seward, NE)
  30. Bullet Hole (Utica, NE)
  31. First Street Bar & Grill (Utica, NE)
  32. Hunters Restaurant Lounge (Waco, NE)
  33. Midway Cafe & Bar (York, NE)
  34. Hoffman's Cafe & Lounge (Bradshaw, NE)
  35. Korner Still Bar & Grill (Hampton, NE)
  36. Mitchell's Recreation (Aurora, NE)
  37. Pam's Pub & Grub (Grand Island, NE)
  38. BT's Lounge (Grand Island, NE)
  39. Upper Deck Sports Bar & Grill (Grand Island, NE)
  40. Bonzai Beach Club / Wave Pizza Company (Grand Island, NE)
  41. Club 69 (Grand Island, NE)
  42. J Alfred Prufrock's (Grand Island, NE)
  43. Nathan Detroit (Grand Island, NE)
  44. White Horse Tavern (Grand Island, NE)
  45. RK's Pub (Grand Island, NE)
  46. The Independent Club (Central City, NE)
  47. Sportsman Bar (Polk, NE)
  48. Shelby Hotel (Shelby, NE)
  49. Hinkle's Pub (Rising City, NE)
  50. Avenue Bar (Columbus, NE)
  51. Hot Shotz Bar & Grill (Columbus, NE)
  52. Double T Bar (Columbus, NE)
  53. Glur's Tavern (Columbus, NE)
  54. Gottberg Brew Pub (Columbus, NE)
  55. Micek's Shangrila (Columbus, NE)
  56. 4 Jokers Bar (Columbus, NE)
  57. Bootleggers Bar & Grill (Schuyler, NE)
  58. Tiny's Bar (Schuyler, NE)
  59. Little Ricky's Saloon & Grill (North Bend, NE)
  60. The Pour House (North Bend, NE)
  61. Bottom Road Bar (Morse Bluff, NE)
  62. Franky & Oly's (Fremont, NE)
  63. Big Red Keno (Fremont, NE)
  64. Dugout Bar (Fremont, NE)
  65. J's Steakhouse (Fremont, NE)
  66. Corner Bar (Fremont, NE)
  67. Doe's Place (Fremont, NE)
  68. DJ's Bar & Grill (Fremont, NE)
  69. Remedy Lounge (Fremont, NE)
  70. Willie's Bar (Valley, NE)
  71. Outer Limits Sports Bar (Valley, NE)
  72. Depot (Waterloo, NE)
  73. The Fire Barn (Waterloo, NE)
  74. Lighthouse Bar & Grill (Omaha, NE)
  75. Moe & Curly's Pub (Omaha, NE)
  76. Delta House (Omaha, NE)
  77. I Don't Care (Omaha, NE)
  78. Dave's Pub/Keno (Omaha, NE)
  79. Wayside Tavern (Omaha, NE)
  80. Swig's Bar & Grill (Omaha, NE)
  81. Full House (Omaha, NE)
  82. Burke's Pub (Omaha, NE)
  83. The Waiting Room (Omaha, NE)
  84. Musette Bar (Omaha, NE)
  85. Nifty Bar & Grill (Omaha, NE)
  86. Lynx Lounge (Omaha, NE)
  87. Homy Inn (Omaha, NE)
  88. Underwood Bar (Omaha, NE)
  89. Beer and Loathing in Dundee (Omaha, NE)
  90. Old Dundee Bar & Grill (Omaha, NE)
  91. Rose & Crown Pub (Omaha, NE)
  92. Bishop's Bar & Grill (Omaha, NE)
  93. Old Market Tavern (Omaha, NE)
  94. Bullpen (Omaha, NE)
  95. T Henery's Pub (Omaha, NE)
  96. O'Connor's Irish Pub (Omaha, NE)
  97. Downtown Blues (Omaha, NE)
  98. Barley's (Council Bluffs, IA)
  99. Glory Days (Council Bluffs, IA)
  100. Quarthouse Bar (Council Bluffs, IA)
  101. Caddy Shack (Council Bluffs, IA)

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